Booking A Sitter

Bookings with Easy Care Sitters can be made in 3 different ways:

1: Pay as you go: $15 per booking
2: Booking multi-pack: $125 for 10 bookings (expires in 1 year)
3: Monthly Unlimited: $150/month for unlimited booking hours

Bookings are separated into 3 categories. To book a sitter, you must first become a member by choosing and paying for 1 of the 3 booking options. This allows you to use Easy Care Sitters as much as you like and gives you access to all the sitters with a professional who can book them for you. The booking fee is paid via credit card directly to the company, when this is paid, the sitter is confirmed. The hourly rate is paid directly to the sitter by you. Once you’ve decided which option suits your needs and have become a member, you’ll be ready to make a request.

Last Minute Bookings—we can help!

A booking made the day before: $20
A same day booking: $30

What to pay your sitter—Hourly and Cab Fare

If the sitter leaves after 9pm, we ask for an additional $10 for cab fare, $20 if it’s after midnight, $30 if it’s after 2am.