Bookings in the Boulder / Denver area

Booking a sitter in the Boulder / Denver area is simple. First, you’ll want to choose which booking option is the one that works for you:

1: Pay as you go: $10 per booking
2: Booking multi-pack: $100 for 12 bookings (expires in 1 year)
3: Monthly Unlimited: $150/month for unlimited booking hours

Joining Easy Care Sitters gives you access to all our Boulder / Denver area sitters with a professional who will schedule all your babysitting needs for you. Should we find a sitter for your requested date and time, we charge the booking fee via credit over the phone. Parents are responsible for paying the hourly rate directly to the sitter. Choose which booking option suits your needs best, and reach out to us for a booking!

Last-minute request? Let us help!

Day-before booking fee: $15
Same-day booking fee: $25

What’s the hourly rate?

The hourly rate is paid directly to the sitter by you. For any bookings that involve the sitter driving with your children (pick-ups, drop-offs, play-dates, etc.), a $5 gas-stipend fee is required in addition to the hourly fee.