Finding Your Inner Mary Poppins

Fun Easy Crafting Ideas

From New York’s Easy Care Sitter, Britney

Just as we adults become bored with our daily routines, children too become bored with the same toys, games, and crafts.  No matter how many toys a child may have, there is still the possibility of boredom. We’ve all experienced it!

Babysitter: Jacob would you like to play tag?
Child: No thank you.
Babysitter: How about coloring?
Child: No thank you –I did that yesterday.
Babysitter: How about we go outside and play soccer?
Child: No, I have soccer practice tonight.
Babysitter: I see you have tons of fun games here, would you like to play Clue, Sorry, or Scrabble?
Child: I don’t like board games. I play them all the time.

So what do you do when the child doesn’t want to play with any of the things at home?

Luckily, some children have the supercalifragilisticexpialidocious Easy Care Sitters with whom children NEVER become bored!!! But how do you guarantee fun and not an ounce of boredom while babysitting?

It’s simple! Just grab a spoonful of sugar and become a real life Mary Poppins! Well not exactly! My trick to handling the possibility of boredom is to come prepared.

Whenever I babysit a young child, ages 2 years- 8 years old, I almost always pack a few handy crafting tools –paper plates and brown paper bags.  I bring these two tools with me to turn arts and crafts into an extraordinary unforgettable experience. There is something about coming to a job equipped with your own nifty tools and ideas for craft projects that make the youngsters thrilled. 

Below I have outlined instructions for two of my favorite Arts and Crafts activities to do with younger children. I have done these activities with children as young as 2 years old. 

1: The Paper Bag Puppet, Created By One of  Easy Care Sitter’s Favorite 4 year old!

What you’ll need:
2 Brown paper bags (One for you and one for the youngster)
3 Sheets of white paper
Glitter and beads

Draw, color, and cut out any facial features such as ears, eyes, whiskers, hair, tongue or nose that you want to use. If you have additional art supplies, you can get creative and use pipe cleaners for whiskers or yarn for hair. I personally used felt paper to help construct the ears.

Lay the bag in front of you with the folded flap facing upward.

Begin by adding each of the facial features in the appropriate locations. I would recommended using a glue stick when possible though tape and liquid glue work as well.image1

Personalize your puppet with glitter, paint, beads, and any other crafting tools available –this is my favorite part!

Allow the puppet to dry as needed.

Stick your hand inside your puppet and put on your own imaginative puppet show with the youngster using the puppets that you each created.

2: The Spirally Flying Snake, Created by One of Easy Care Sitter’s Most Crafty 2 year old!

What you’ll need:
1 Paper plate
1 piece of paper

Draw a large spiral on the bottom of the paper plate –this will guide you and the youngster in later steps.

IMG_6756Color both sides of your paper plate completely.  If you choose to paint, allow approximately 30 minutes for paint to dry.

Use your sheet of paper to cut out eyes (or use googley eyes!) and a tongue for your snake.

Make a small hole in the center of the plate and tie a piece of yarn. This is so that you can bounce and fly your spirally snake around.

Cut the paper along the spiraled line.IMG_6753

Add the eyes, tongue, and any last minutes decorations. 

Allow the snake to dry as needed.

If it’s a nice day out, head outside and test out the spirally flying snake. Hold the yarn, run around in a circle, and watch your snake twirl and twist behind you.

Fellow sitters, don’t be afraid to find your inner Mary Poppins—if you have a talent or craft, come prepared to share!



Written by Britney W, Easy Care Sitter since March 2015.