Favorite Music Class with Kids – EVER!

Awesome Music Classes for kids in NYC

Music can be a beautiful, inspiring, and fun activity to share with your children! In fact, one of my favorite activities with kids is dancing and music classes!  New York has a lot to choose from, but my favorite, by far is Musical Theatre with Audra Rox. As a sitter, I enjoyed taking toddlers to their music classes at Jalopy in Red Hook.  Music for Aardvarks (and other animals)  is an interactive and fun class for kids, sitters, and parents. Through music, movement, playing instruments and singing, children in these classes enjoy the silly and powerful ways music teaches them words, creativity, and connection to new friends. And through the songs written especially for them, kids focus on the joys of being a city kid!  The weekly classes are offered all around Brooklyn, and you and your kiddos will not be disappointed! So next time you’re in a pinch and aren’t sure what to do, check out a local music class. Your kids will be singing their praises before you know it (pun intended).

Written by:
Nichole D.
Easy Care Sitter since June 2013