Learn to be a Birthday Bash Pro!

How to throw the Perfect Birthday Party!

A simple guide for an epic birthday celebration

Having a birthday party for your little one can be a daunting task. It’s hard to know what to do to entertain the kiddos, how long the party should last, or whether you should have a party in the first place. Hopefully these tips will help take some of the stress away, and you’ll be able to plan a fun, and carefree party for your kids.

First, don’t invite more than 15 guests. That’s a manageable number and not everybody will come, so the idea is to end up with around 12 guests.
Second, hire 2 sitters (Easy Care Sitters can help!) or 2 friends you trust who will listen to instructions you give; this will be essential in making the party fun for the kids, and hassle-free for you.
Third, the party should only last 2 hours, that’s a great amount of time to allow guests to arrive, have playtime, do some crafts, have the birthday cake, and then say goodbye.

Finally, create a schedule, and stick to it:
12p: Party Starts, guests arrive, open play time.
12:30p: Have 1 sitter/friend guide a craft project, something simple and age appropriate, something they can finish and then take home. Meanwhile, the 2nd sitter/friend sets up the food/drinks.
1p: Food! Finger foods are best, and to be less wasteful buy gallons of juice/water as opposed to juice boxes/water bottles.
1p: Some kids might not want to eat, or will eat quickly. Have one of you sitter/friends ready with another activity, like a sing-along or a game like duck-duck-goose, to keep them entertained while others eat.
1:30p: Cake! Gather all the guests, have one of the sitter/friends lead the singing, and help with distributing cake.
2p: Goodbye! Hand out party favors (if you have them) and pat yourself on the back for a job well done!

Check back for ideas on simple arts and crafts projects! We hope this helps you plan a party your whole family can get excited about.

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