Which Stroller is Right for YOU?!

If you’re in the market for a stroller, then you’re looking to buy more than just a pushcart. You’re searching for something easy to use, lightweight, and more importantly, something to keep your little one safe throughout your city escapades together. With the huge variety of stroller options out there, it may seem like an overwhelming task to find one that’s right for you. So we’ve created a list of recommended strollers and their features to help you pick your very own perfect stroller, stress free.

Newborn to 6 months

Traveling with a newborn means having to provide them with a reclining stroller model, to safely provide the support the baby needs. For a newborn to a 6 month-old baby, we recommend the All-In-One (travel system stroller). This stroller is made of 3 parts. An infant car seat, a car-seat base, and a stroller. These can be heavy, and take up more space than a regular stroller frame, but once 6 months comes around and your little one can sit up, you’ll have more options! To start, you’ll have the ability to use the all-in-one stroller without the infant seat snapped in. An all-in-one travel system stroller is more expensive, but it’s a good value since the stroller can then be used after your child outgrows the infant car seat, unlike a car seat carrier frame.


6 months to 3+ years

Single Traditional Strollers are well-known and loved in the stroller world. Mainly because they have a long life, and many last from birth until you and your little one have no need for a stroller any longer. Most styles in this category are maneuverable and work in a variety of city or suburban situations, like on busy sidewalks and paved streets or even in a park, or on a trail. They run the gamut between options with fully-reclining seats that allow infants to ride safely to options that are infant car seat-compatible. Better yet, many of them are able to offer both options. They are sturdy, solid, and easy to use. These strollers provide durability, and end up being a smart long-term stroller investment.

Single Combination Strollers adapt to the changing needs of a growing child. Some models do accept an infant car seat, but more often than not you’ll have to buy the car seat separately, in addition to the adapter used to secure the car seat to the stroller. There are many options in this category, some offer a removable seat that reclines nearly flat providing your baby with a sleeping area similar to that of a bassinet. Other options offer reversible seats, so the baby can face forward or back, looking in the direction of the person pushing. Some models in this style can be used from the first day of baby’s life, and can last until you and the baby outgrow the stroller.


Umbrella (AKA lightweight) Strollers are the most lightweight strollers available. These strollers often have curved handles like an umbrella, and are easy to fold and stow. These were made for travel, or for quick trips with babies who can sit up. It’s possible to find these lightweight options with car-seat compatibility (though an adapter may be needed). This style of stroller offers families a lightweight and convenient option that is usually easy to fold. You may even find newer models that feature seats that recline completely flat, or others models that may accept a car seat.



Stroll with Confidence

Now that you’ have the breakdown on strollers, you can make an educated decision on which model to choose based on your needs. Taking time to decide which stroller you choose is actually important! This is your baby’s car, so you want to make sure it’ll achieve the mileage you’re planning for, can provide the safety measures you demand, and frankly, that your little one will be comfortable no matter what situation you’re in. We hope you can stroll away from this blog post feeling secure about the decision you’re about to make. Good luck!

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